Silky Soft Sun Kissed Skin....

Prepping skin before we go away to our hols is so important to keep our skin in tip top condition and to achieve a lovely long lasting healthy tan without shedding it like a reptile! We look forward to our summer hols for months organising our summer wardrobe based on what will look best showing off our newly tanned skin yet if we're honest we some how over look or at best spend too little time on preparing our skin for the stress we put our skin through to achieve that golden glow.

I recommend to start with exfoliating all over a least a good two to three weeks prior to hols. I find twice a week is enough for me. I'm using Sai-Sei mineral loofah body polish soap to gently buff away at my skin. Contains minerals and moisturising glycerine with a piece of natural Loofah sponge. 

In the summer months I prefer using an oil to hydrate my body, it's light weight and the skin absorbs it quicker than a body moisturiser leaving your skin satiny soft. Nuxe multi purpose dry oil is my favourite. I adore the scent which for me capsolates  the smell of summer! You can use it on your face,body and hair as it's a light dry oil made up of six precious plant oils and vitamin e. Also without preservatives too.

Now onto our pins that are hidden for a good part of the year then suddenly they are on full view for everyone to see. 'This Works Perfect Legs Skin Miracle' is perfect for our legs. Whilst looking after skins imperfections such as scars and discolourations with vitamin c and e to help skin tone it also contains Arnica to help with bruising. It transforms skin with an instant sun kissed glow that you can wash off too. As it's a serum it absorbs the skin super quick. Smells delicious.

Last but not least our feet! Starting by getting them prepped and ready for full on exposure.To make exfoliating my tootsies that bit easier I love to soak them in Margeret Dabbs foot soak first. Then once they are free of all that old hard skin I then treat them to Margaret Dabbs intensive hydrating foot lotion. Has a lovely lemony fresh scent. They use emu oil and lots of fantastic ingredients to treat our tootsies to the best. 

All products are available at online and instore.