Ideas for 'The Rather Dapper Chappy' In Your Life....

With Fathers Day just around the corner i thought it was a good idea to look at some lovely gifts that are affordable treats that are not necessarily what the men in our life's would go and treat themselves with there hard earned cash but all the same are lovely to receive as a Fathers Day Gift.

I've selected a few products from Penhaligons Blenheim range that are a good and affordable way of also introducing someone to Penhaligons and there range. Blenheim is one of there oldest creations as it was first introduced in 1902. It is a Citrus Aromatic fragrance that is crisp,clean that is quite light and fresh that doesn't evaporate on the skin like some light scented fragrances have the habit of doing. Worn by Winston Churchill and his father before him. It's rumoured that this fragrance is popular amongst certain royals too!

Penhaligons is steeped in history established by William Penhaligon who had a thriving business in Londons famous Turkish Baths situated between the houses of parliament and the gentlemans private clubs. Penhaligons clients were the great leaders in government at the time. In their honour he created his first fragrance in 1872 Hammon Bouquet which you can still be purchased today.

My Husband has been wearing Blenheim Bouquet on and off for a few years now so I've decided to get him the deodorant stick and bath and shower gel in the range for his Fathers Day pressie.(lets hope he doesnt read this) as he isn't one for body moisturisers! This will help layer and carry the scent longer throughout the day/evening. There products have great quality and standard of ingredients so not to dry out the skin. My Husband suffers from psoriasis and can use there grooming products.

Blenheim Bouquet Deodorant £14. Bath and Shower Gel £25. Shaving Cream £23 Fragrance £85