Busy week....


Well I haven't put a post up over Easter hols other than a Happy Easter post 20s style!  I hope you have all had a lovely time off and managed to recharge the batteries. I got a miserable chesty cold. Yuk!

I have a busy week ahead so chesty cold will have to get Zapped!  Wedding season is definitely here as I have had a few already and this week being no exception. I have a lovely bride to do first thing this Friday morning then Sat I have a bridal makeup trial. Sat evening I will be off to a charity event that a work colleague is organizing where I shall be ready at hand to do Lashes and Lips. Therefore I need to have an eyelash glue that I can trust. Goes sticky quickly, and adheres to roots of natural lashes super quick!

 I have to say I love Duo eyelash glue. You can get it in Clear or Dark. It hasn't let me down, quick and easy to use. Lashes stand the test of time. I especially need a product I can rely on as a couple of months ago I was doing a photo shoot working with two models and I was using Shu Uemura lashes and there glue. Never again will I buy there eyelash glue! Lashes kept coming away and I had to re-apply constantly making it more time consuming. Shu Uemura lashes are great and really good quality and originality in design,that's what your paying for. They range from about £13 to £50 and you can use them up to a dozen times if you look after them with TLC. So you would expect there glue to be of the same to withstand high end quality lashes especially at £12.50 a tube! Sadly no is the answer. I will still continue to use there lashes but not there glue. Never again!!

These are a few of the Shu Uemura lashes I've used recently. They all come in a protective re-usable case. 

Slant in black £16. Great on an Oriental/Asian eye.

          Smokey £18

          Mini Diamonte £15.50. Covers half your lashes.

TIP.... When you first apply Shu Uemura lashes they can feel quite firm,this also depends on the type/style you buy as they can vary in firmness. To get them more supple and ready for application wrap them around a pen or makeup brush after you have cut them to size and before you apply glue!!