Wow hair colour!

Wow really is the word for this amazing quick fix product! It's a cover up powder which does an excellent job at covering regrowth or grey roots yes even grey ones as i shall show you in not so great photos as they were taken by myself from phone but you will get the idea!. It's easy to apply as it comes with a two sided brush for application. The powder has light particles in it so you don't get the dullness from sprays. It also stays on between washes too. It comes in a choice of six colours and I do recommend you try the colours out before purchasing on line as I bought a shade lighter than I would of thought. You get upto 60 applications.

It is £28.50 which is cheaper than going to hairdressers as you will be able to stretch an extra week or two till your next appointment. Also cheaper than buying home colourants too. If you get caught out and haven't got time to fit hairdressers before an evening out it will just take a few mins to touch up!