Dr Colbert Skin Care Products

Last week i was excited to hear all about Dr Colberts Skincare range from one of his Reps as im always eager to hear about new products,New patented ingredients, background, how they were developed and of course more interestingly how they work and perform on the skin. Dr Colbert MD is a recognised leader in skin care. He is founder and Head Physician of New York Dermatological Group. Rep instantly had my attention!! Found his products thoroughly interesting and eager to try. I was kindly given Nourish Eye Cream, Stimulate Serum and Illumino facial oil.

I will start off with my personal favourite from the three I've tried.
STIMULATE SERUM Instantly boosts collagen production by working deep within the Dermis to restore skins vibrancy and radiance.
How It Works. Promotes new cellular growth beneath the surface with a powerful complex of plant actives and nutrients. The serum is infused with Dr Colberts Patented formula Qusome technology to facilitate regeneration to supple healthy skin. Key Ingredients, Glycolic Acid helps to diminish pigmentation as new skin is revealed. Gotu Kola a healing herb acts as a building block for collagen and anti-inflammatory. Coffee Arabic seed extract is a potent antioxidant, helps to reverse free-radical damage. 30ml £115s.

 I have to say I saw immediate results from first application as texture of skin appeared smoother and my makeup performed better. I've used it every day for two weeks now and my skin feels smoother and abit brighter also works well with my moisturiser probably the Glycolic working its magic as my skin feels more hydrated with the same moisturiser I've been using for a couple of months now! so with this in mind I feel Stimulate Serum will be a great one to use over the winter months along with a good moisturiser. One to two pumps is all I need as its very light weight and skin absorbs it well. My skin isn't dry or oily so one for most skin types too. Would advise if you feel your skin is sensitive try and get a sample from stockists first as there is Glycolic in there, however my skin has liked it.